Adapt ecommerce strategies that are aligned with consumer preferences in the current circumstances

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April 02, 2020, 1:58 AM UTC

Optimising SEO, page speed and checkout experiences provides immunity against disruptions.

To best serve consumer interests during the pandemic, online stores must create ecommerce strategies that are aligned with consumer preferences. With a spike in online shopping, being informed about production status from manufacturers can help online stores be adequately stocked up.

Having options in the form of multiple manufactures helps mitigate the risk of low inventory, as supply chains get disrupted during the outbreak. Creating new operational services like pick-up and delivery can further help brands effectively cater to at-home audiences.

The author suggests that brick-and-mortar stores and online brands amplify their online presence and focus on digital marketing. Enhancing page speed, SEO and checkout experiences, while updating tech stack can further provide immunity to brands during and after the pandemic.

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