Marketers should tweet during the rush hours to maximise the impact of their Twitter marketing

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April 01, 2020, 11:24 AM UTC

While Friday is a popular weekday, the majority of people use Twitter between 10 am and 12.

This piece suggests businesses should tweet during the rush hours to maximise their exposure and enhance reach and engagement. Brands should post at regular intervals and respond to the concerns, comments, and feedback of their audience.

The article states that marketers should keep their posts crisp and concise to gain the readers' attention in a glance. Businesses can also include short links in their tweets to direct their followers to specific pages like contest pages, and online stores, among others.

The author suggests marketers should use hashtags that are relevant to the topics of interest of their businesses and followers to boost visibility. Businesses should also participate in conversations related to the trending topics to encourage their user engagement.

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