Businesses should avoid talking about COVID-19 in their marketing efforts unless it is relevant

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April 01, 2020, 11:45 AM UTC

Cynically capitalising on the pandemic might cause brands harm in the long run.

This piece argues brands should not leverage COVID-19 in their marketing efforts unless necessary and relevant. Businesses should mention COVID-19 in their marketing only if their products and services can help resolve people’s problems and make their lives easier in the current crisis.

Marketers should also refrain from leveraging the traffic generated by coronavirus topics to increase their sales. Businesses should instead focus on creating valuable content that is focused on objective value and not self-promotion.

The author suggests brands can talk about COVID-19 even if their products are indirectly helping people in the current emergency, but they should be open and transparent about it. For instance, if businesses have a product for remote work, then they can freely share their insights on the industry.

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