Brands must act as lifelines through cause marketing to help consumers cope with COVID-19

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April 01, 2020, 9:13 AM UTC

Companies must mobilise their resources to support consumers in dire situations.

To help people survive the pandemic, companies have moved resources towards essential products and services, like automotive brands manufacturing ventilators. Adopting cause marketing by making essential products accessible and affordable can not only help people manage the situation but also enhance a brand’s value in the long-term.

Focusing on content marketing strategies that directly address consumer pain-points can help brands serve their best interests. Companies can create meaningful resources like infographics on properly washing hands or digital entrainment for kids to make consumers' lives easier.

The author suggests CEOs to leverage public and social media platforms to address solutions for the ongoing issues head-on. Funding small businesses and donating resources like computers to low-income households can help brands show greater empathy amid the crisis.

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