Understanding the changing online consumer behaviour is key to surviving the current economic crisis

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March 31, 2020, 4:26 PM UTC

Social media usage has increased by 27% among Gen Z, 30% among Millennials, 29% among Gen X and 15% among Boomers.

This piece suggests businesses should understand how online behaviour is changing during the ongoing crisis. Brands should make changes in their ads only when necessary and duplicate their original ad copies if they are making any changes.

Companies should reinvest their marketing budget in long-term pay off channels and not the direct-response channels to survive during the crisis. Marketers should build long term SEO strategies and focus on content related to future remarketing opportunities.

The author suggests businesses should focus on YouTube advertising as more people are spending time on YouTube during the quarantine. But marketers should provide only the most crucial information to their users to avoid coronavirus information overload.

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