Facebook launches “Experiments” for marketers to be able to optimise performance

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March 31, 2020, 2:37 AM UTC

Marketers can poll people to quantify and compare the results of ad performances.

This article covers Facebook’s announcement of Experiments, a feature using which marketers can combine multiple test results of their ad campaigns. It allows marketers to A/B test campaigns while measuring conversions and brand lift on the Facebook Platform.

Through Experiments, marketers could optimise performance and better understand the impact being made. It also allows conducting “holdout tests”, that is, comparing conversion rates of people who saw ads with those who were withheld from viewing it. This data can help marketers calculate the lift provided by ads for conversions.

However, Facebook advises marketers to assess the effects of different social and environmental factors on consumers before testing ad campaigns. Facebook said, “Experiments are designed to help marketers make better strategic decisions with more powerful testing tools”.

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