Data-supported content and addressing pain-points make for compelling B2B blog posts

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March 31, 2020, 7:40 AM UTC

Brands can leverage storytelling to demonstrate the value of their products through the posts.

To create compelling B2B blogposts, B2B businesses must create in-depth, data-supported content that serves the audience’s needs. Incorporating data into posts helps demonstrate the business’ expertise and authority on a subject matter.

Blog posts could address audiences' pain-points in their consumer journey while educating and engaging them on a personal level. Conceptualising posts in a storytelling format while retaining the brand’s voice and identity can effectively engage readers.

This piece suggests incorporating certain keywords and phrases like “success” and “how-to” in headlines to attract audience attention. Brands can source topics for a niche-related, compelling blog post via platforms like Reddit, and tools like Google Analytics for high-performing posts.

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