Adopt an advanced consumer data platform in response to the third-party cookies phase-out

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March 30, 2020, 2:56 PM UTC

Linking first and third party data from within walled gardens can allow brands a holistic view of their consumer base and deliver better experiences.

This piece suggests brands should construct a repository of first-party consumer data with customer consent to address privacy concerns caused due to phasing out of third party cookies. Businesses can collaborate with third parties like Hux by Deloitte Digital to adopt an advanced customer data platform.

Marketers can use their walled-gardens along with their own first-party data systems to enhance customer personalisation. This article states that walled gardens offer “strong” machine learning algorithms for digital ad performance optimisation.

The author suggests businesses should bring their media strategies and buying in-house by expanding their marketing teams. Brands should also be better informed about viable solutions and strategies and stop using “inefficient” intermediaries and “poor” technologies.

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