Optimise images using alt text to rank better in Google Images

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March 27, 2020, 9:16 AM UTC

Alt text can be added to images by adding an alt attribute to <img> tag in the HTML code.

This article highlights the importance of optimising alt texts (alternative texts) and its role in improving image readability and search engine optimisation. Using alt text helps make images more comprehensible for Google. This leads to better search ranking on Google Images.

Brands must enhance the accessibility of their websites for visually impaired people who rely on screen readers by converting on-screen content to audio. Crafting concise and accurate alt texts helps in effectively describing images.

Auditing and improving alt tags using tools like Google Search Console lets marketers optimise their alt texts for high-traffic pages. Alt texts can also be used as anchor texts for image links, where users can click on the images that link to another webpage.

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