Not just mobile-first, businesses must increasingly look to be app-first

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March 27, 2020, 10:20 AM UTC

Companies must be app-first to add value to customer’s lives.

This article proposes that being app-first and not just mobile-first is the need of the hour for businesses. The author highlights that as mobile-only players continue disrupting verticals, apps will become the primary way to interact with consumers rather than them just being “nice to have”.

This isn’t true just for newer companies but also for historic ones. Royal Mail’s Augmented Reality parcel sizer is cited as an example here. A business’ app strategy must be crafted to add value to consumer’s lives.

Companies must design such a strategy from the customer’s perspective before figuring out how the technology can improve lives. Ultimately, the aim should be to make consumer’s life simpler and generate as less friction as possible.   

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