Businesses should use natural language to create textual content for their local pages

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March 27, 2020, 4:07 PM UTC

Natural language generation enables marketers to automatically extract out unique relationships and use that as data to inform the content.

This piece suggests businesses should use local language generation to produce unique, valuable and relevant local content for their users. Marketers can use Google Trends to compare different items and services that are offered by the businesses and create local pages based on that analysis.

Brands should look at the local trends and then compare the data with other locations as well. Marketers, however, should not compare everything at once but choose the most interesting insights in each situation for detailed analysis.

The author suggests organisations should have their content reviewed by humans once they have got their local page and textual content. Auto-generated content reviewed by people can help businesses serve their users with the “best” possible” and the “most relevant” content.

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