Organizations should have their marketing teams adopt CDP to enhance customer experience

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March 26, 2020, 6:02 PM UTC

Marketers know how to integrate data in a manner that will best serve the buyer.

This piece argues that while Customer Data Platforms (CDP) can benefit the overall business, the marketing department must use it to reinforce customer experience. Marketing teams have better information on more areas of buyer journey and know more about customers, leads and sales cycles.

The article states that a CDP has customers’ information, digital footprints, information on usage and all the relevant points of contact. Leveraging CDP can help marketers reference all that relevant information and accordingly create further processes or steps to be taken.

The author suggests marketing teams should also use CDP to look after customer experience from a security, privacy, and trust point of view. A system needs to be flexible and not proprietary from an access standpoint to be a CDP.

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