88.3% of PR pros say consumer and brand campaigns will be most affected by COVID-19

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March 26, 2020, 9:35 AM UTC

A PRWeek survey of 121 PR pros revealed that 39.3% of respondents believe the crisis will have no impact on the PR industry’s image.

The study found that 88.3% of PR professionals believe consumer and brand campaigns will most likely be affected by the pandemic. Corporate communication was believed to be the second most affected PR function at 44.2%.

94.2% of respondents expect campaign launches to be affected, while 88.3% reported clients having cancelled campaigns due to the virus. The research found that PR budgets were cut for 40% of participants in the year. The budgets had increased for 24% of those polled.

However, 39.3% of PR pros believe that the pandemic will not affect the PR industry’s reputation. 37.6% of respondents think that the PR industry will enjoy a positive image following the crisis.

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