40% of Britons say they trust journalists at broadsheets to tell the truth

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March 26, 2020, 6:20 PM UTC

YouGov research found trust in Broadsheet newspaper has hit a six-year high since the 2019 general election.

Two-fifths of British citizens trust broadsheet publications’ journalists, the highest percentage of overall trust since November 2014. Upmarket newspapers like The Telegraph and The Times have seen a six-percentage point increase since December 2019, but mid-market papers and red-top tabloids continue to lose the trust of British readers.

The report revealed while distrust of these publications remains higher than trust, the gap has narrowed, with overall distrust falling 5% compared to December 2019 to 52%. Distrust of journalists at upmarket newspapers has decreased across voters of all three major political parties.

The article states overall 48% of Britons say they either trust the BBC a “great deal” or a “fair amount”. But 45% of them don’t trust the broadcaster much or at all.

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