To compensate for cancelled events, create long-lasting campaigns that go beyond single execution

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March 25, 2020, 7:24 AM UTC

Ensure that content is optimised depending on the channel of distribution.

With conferences being cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the author argues that there might not be a single replacement for “real-world events”. Companies now need to reach audiences at a new scale which would require embracing integration, creating comprehensive, compelling and longer-lasting campaigns that go beyond single executions.

To best understand audiences, brands must listen to online conversations and analyse search volumes. Marketers can use social media, videos, livestreams, podcasts to replicate the emotional connections that are made during a physical event.

To optimise content depending on the channel, businesses could post feed-friendly cut-downs for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. For LinkedIn, first-person recaps of third-person blogs can work well. Brands could also partner with influencers to increase awareness and participation for their virtual events.

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