Only 48% of global PR professionals are using social listening and analytics tools

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March 24, 2020, 6:04 PM UTC

Talkwalker's recent report in conjunction with YouGov found there are numerous gaps in terms of measuring the success of PR messages online.

This piece states that though PR operations have increasingly become digital and social, public relation professionals still rely on traditional media in terms of analytics. It has further caused marketing communication teams to miss out on many digital analytics opportunities.

The report found that budget constraints are a key barrier to investing in social listening for PRs globally. 60% of PR officials say their businesses are likely to provide bigger social listening budgets this year.

The article also states that though a vast proportion of PR activity is happening on social channels, less than half of marcomms professionals are using social listening and analytics tools. Influencer analysis and sentiment analysis are growing but their proportion varies from region to region.

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