Incorporate videos, infographics and original images into blogposts to enhance readership

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March 24, 2020, 7:07 AM UTC

Data collection platforms like online surveys can provide brands with original data to create credible blogs.

This piece suggests ways in which traction on their blogs can be improved. One way is by creating videos, infographics, and visuals to incorporate into the blogposts. Videos and original image content makes for easy sharing on social media platforms.

Marketers should craft in-depth blogposts using data and facts to improve a content’s authenticity. Such use of data helps earn backlinks from other bloggers and journalists, and it helps improve search engine authority. Further, brands should use original quotes from other blogposts to encourage backlinking.

To help create better blogs, the author recommends leveraging keywords, SEO tactics and alt-text. The author suggests promoting blogposts through channels like email and social media to boost follower count and brand awareness.

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