Experiential marketing can overcome travel restrictions and create memorable brand experiences

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March 24, 2020, 8:17 AM UTC

Combining live broadcasting with 3D hologram experiences can help brands effectively promote products on a global scale.

In times of global health and travel concerns, brands can leverage experiential marketing to engage audiences with immersive digital technology. Marketers can facilitate in-person product demonstrations with regional remote demo rooms and connect with potential consumers in different markets.

Brands can also create advance tech (AT) live broadcasts to highlight company news, showcase products and cover emerging trends. AT live broadcasts can help companies conduct live online presentations and broadcast it to direct feeds, media personnel and analysts across the world.

This piece suggests creating create experiential roadshows for clients to efficiently showcase their products without violating travel restrictions. The author endorses gaming systems for clients to explore and engage with product features in high definition with specialised controllers.

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