Brands should build long-term relationships with consumers during the pandemic crisis

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March 24, 2020, 6:15 PM UTC

Ensuring the right processes and a proper escalation process can help businesses effectively manage customer queries and complaints.

This piece suggests organisations should ensure proper escalation processes are in place as an offline crisis can quickly move online in this situation, and disjointed responses can harm the brand reputation. Brands should enable social listening, gauge what people are saying online and be empathic in all reactions.

Marketers should ensure appropriate messaging across all channels, but all communications should be tailored to consumer sentiments. Consumers would also want to connect with brands that are empathetic to their situation as they seek information during the pandemic.

The article recommends businesses need to show a genuine connection with their customers and focus more on kindness and understanding to help consumers in the long run. Supermarket brands can further this connection by reassuring shoppers about their inventory.

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