Media welcomes all pitches including non-coronavirus stories to keep people informed

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March 20, 2020, 3:51 PM UTC

Becker’s Healthcare’s publisher Scott Becker says “80% of the reporting isn’t solely focused on COVID-19.”

This piece argues public relation professionals can pitch ideas other than COVID-19 outbreak to journalists. Kristin Schorsch, a reporter for WBEZ 91.5 Chicago, said they welcome all ideas to keep people informed about what else is happening in the world. Though COVID-19 is currently dominating the newsrooms, numerous healthcare TV reporters are also welcoming other pitches.

Reporters and producers of media houses including Chicago’s WGN-TV and NBC-5 Chicago encourage PR professionals to send pitches that would be covered after the pandemic passes the news cycle. But the professionals should stress on the human angle.

The author contends PR experts should highlight unique patient-focused and human-focused stories. Professionals can also pitch stories that feature doctors, nurses and hospital system executives. But, they should make the pitch understandable and jargon-free.

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