Marketers should adopt agile media planning as coronavirus impacts the global media ecosystem

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March 20, 2020, 12:37 PM UTC

Brands may have to scale back ad spends to sustain brand awareness during the pandemic.

This piece cites an article by MediaSense as per which coronavirus will force global media companies to reconsider campaign planning and implementation. It emphasises the increasing importance of employing agile media planning, scheduling and content selection.

The situation will force businesses to think whether they need to up or withdraw spends from short-term and long-term sales and branding activities. While media owners could persuade brands to defer their bookings, it will likely be unfeasible for most brands in the long-term.

The author contends brands may have to ease on spends for print, radio and TV ads due to the pandemic. Suspension of sporting events like the UEFA Euro 2020, could further lead to reduced media spends but allowing brands to maintain communication objectives.

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