Cancellation of sports leagues brings with it long-term challenges from a content perspective

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March 20, 2020, 10:49 AM UTC

Short-term issue is engaging consumers.

This article highlights that with game cancellations as a result of the spread of coronavirus, sports broadcasters are having to fall back on archived and original content to keep things going. The NBA and NFL have pulled down paywalls of their streaming services to give consumers access to rewatch old games.

Sky Sports is looking to mirror the in-depth analysis shows that take place after football games of iconic games from its library. Streaming service, Dazn, will make documentaries, films, extended highlights, classic matches, and contests available to audiences.

A senior marketer at a CPG firm acknowledges it to be a “live situation” wherein, from a content perspective, cancellation of leagues presents long-term challenges. The immediate struggle is to give fans something to engage with in the short-term.  

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