Analysing Gen Z culture and values can help brands effectively engage them

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March 20, 2020, 1:16 PM UTC

To appeal to Gen Z, brands must be transparent and genuine about their business activities.

This piece recommends that prior to engaging Gen Z, this group’s culture, influencer marketing and values must be evaluated. The piece shares that 64% of Gen Z prefer brands with a “higher purpose”. Companies must then support social causes to attract this group.

Surveys and focus groups lets brands gather insights on Gen Z’s perception and attitudes. Creating an advisory council within a company with Gen Z as its members can further provide insights into the cohort’s opinion of a brand, its reputation and advertising.

With 58% of Gen Z’ers preferring brands that keep their promises, it is imperative for brands to stay true to their words. Marketers can host social media or digital PR conversations with Gen Z’ers to further understand them.

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