Businesses should employ humans while leveraging AI for optimising programmatic ad-buying

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March 18, 2020, 5:41 PM UTC

Optimising towards wrong goals could negatively affect brand reputation and waste marketing budgets.

This piece argues that while Artificial Intelligence (AI) is important for programmatic advertising, marketers should put proper guardrails in place to analyse human sentiments. Brands should measure the metrics that are most important for their business goals and adjust their overall strategy to get the best possible ROI.

The author suggests marketers should embed a smart pixel on their website to track user behaviour and find where they come from to determine their most valuable audiences. Businesses can utilise look-alike modelling to find more members of their most valuable audiences.

The article also suggests brands should encourage cross-team collaboration and include data and marketing people in analysing AI campaigns. Marketers can create visual dashboards to make campaign data easily understandable for people from different fields of expertise.

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