Brands should create new ads addressing the situation and not edit existing ads

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March 18, 2020, 3:40 PM UTC

Marketers should also find out which kind of ads are working in this crisis situation.

This piece states businesses might have to stop existing Facebook ads and start new ads to acknowledge the situation. They can use phrases like “In these challenging times” and try to elevate the audiences instead of causing panic. Marketers should also note consumers want to know that the brands aren’t looking to make money off the panic situation.

Marketers should also find out which adverts are working on Facebook during the coronavirus outbreak. For instance, shopping ads can work, but in-person events are too close to the crisis and advertising completely unnecessary items or vanity items may even get backlash.

The author recommends businesses should look out for public comments on their Facebook ads. They should also compare their ad data based on days and weeks.

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