Create a Coronavirus Crisis team to effectively communicate with the stakeholders involved

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March 17, 2020, 6:38 AM UTC

CEOs and top executives communicating via a 60-second video can ensure consistent messaging and avoid confusion.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, brands are advised to create a Coronavirus Crisis team to facilitate communication between all stakeholders. Establishing operational protocols, involving senior executives and department heads can help companies create the best communication practices and ensure the continuity of their business.

Companies must come up with communication crisis scenarios to prepare for (and avoid) incidents that can potentially damage company reputation and impact employee morale. Crafting social media posts and email copies and templates beforehand can help marketers effectively provide relevant updates to their consumers and employees.

The author suggests formulating email and social media policies regarding the pandemic to avoid the spread of misinformation. Regularly updating policies and procedures, while emphasising on business continuity, ensures effective internal communications.

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