Programmatic advertising can witness stability during the economic downturn

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March 16, 2020, 4:31 PM UTC

During the instability period, advertisers can expect the growth in the accountability, agility, and continuity of programmatic advertising.

This piece argues advertisers should take note that the programmatic advertising sector is likely to anticipate stability in the economic downturn. Brands can invest in and take more control of their programmatic strategy and budgets to save costs.

Programmatic advertising is “highly” flexible which allows programmatic buyers to turn campaigns on, off and optimize accordingly in real-time depending on performance. This gives advertisers the option to test with low commitments while optimizing performance for better ROIs. This strategy is better for marketers when the budget is constrained.

The author says with social contact getting limited due to disease outbreak, the face-to-face business gets reduced. In this case, digital media consumption is expected to increase leading to more spending through digital channels.

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