Brands must develop a meme strategy to engage consumers and create awareness about coronavirus

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March 16, 2020, 1:34 AM UTC

A meme architecture can help marketers harness the power of memes using limited time and space.

Creating a meme strategy help brands overcome communication challenges during pandemics like coronavirus. As messages from broadcasting channels about Covid-19 get fatigued, marketers can rely on story memes to create awareness and influence people’s behaviours, while building trust.

Making memes that are easy to identify, remember and communicate can help marketers simplify complex stories such as the coronavirus. Brands should leverage memes to increase engagement. For example, the “Elbow Bump” meme is a great way of spreading awareness about coronavirus.

The author recommends building a meme architecture to harness existing resources and create a central messaging hook for other memes. Failing to leverage story memes could result in an overall decline of engagement and traction among audiences.

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