B2B marketers should be responsive to changes amid COVID-19 pandemic

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March 16, 2020, 5:25 PM UTC

They should further reinforce efforts and communications to support community, employees and customers.

This piece argues that though there would be a period of adjustments to minimize COVID-19 transmissions, companies would still require information, solutions and support.  The situation may present new challenges and opportunities. But B2B marketers should capitalise on those opportunities to be more relevant and useful to their clients.

The author suggests B2B marketers should provide “best answer content” in the most relevant formats like virtual events and live streaming. Marketers should also review their advertising, social and marketing messages to fit according to the current needs of the customers.

This article further states that marketers should anticipate changes and offer resources to support customer needs. Brands can also convert their marketing message activities to videos and reallocate resources and budgets to optimise digital channels.

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