Snapchat launches tool allowing advertisers to bid programmatically on AR Ad distribution

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March 13, 2020, 6:35 AM UTC

The social media platform’s latest move makes buying and producing AR campaigns easier.

This piece states Snapchat’s debut Lens Web Builder would enable advertisers directly create AR Lens campaigns within its Ad Manager. The platform offers numerous in-built templates to allow users without 3D experience to create immersive AR ads free of cost. It also allows creators to create ads in minutes, which could take weeks otherwise.

The new tool is designed to be light and easy-to-use and can also be used by people without any technical knowledge. Web Builder would enable advertisers to bid programmatically for AR ads distribution. It would also let them buy via auctions without minimum investment.

Advertisers would also get access to the platform’s all targeting options. Snap’s Kaitlin McGirl said the tool would help businesses make “high-quality AR” campaigns without hiring professional designers.

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