Marketers should drive traffic from other social platforms to Instagram

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March 13, 2020, 12:47 PM UTC

Former brand manager at a Fortune 500 cosmetics company, Vanessa Lau shares strategies to grow business on Instagram.

Lau says Instagram is not as SEO-optimised as other social platforms like YouTube or LinkedIn, but it can help generate quality leads. She recommends brands should leverage other platforms to drive traffic to Instagram, instead of expecting loads of organic traffic. For instance, marketers can host videos on YouTube, and ask followers to visit their Instagram page.

After driving traffic to Instagram, brands can start involving the audience in their posts to foster engagement and loyalty. Instead of only posting content, marketers should use the platform to interact with their followers by using features like Quizzes.

The author suggests companies should focus on the sharability of their content and not rely only on Likes. Brands should create shareable content and send thank you DM’s to followers who share their posts.

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