Brands should invest in education to help employees understand and trust AI predictions

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March 13, 2020, 9:57 AM UTC

Providing transparency and context in AI-led predictions can help senior executives embrace insights by AI.

To build the trust of employees on AI-based predictions, brands should create a change management strategy to educate, train and support AI users. Companies, should educate their line-of-business executives and users on the fundamentals of AI and help understand the outcomes.

Creating a balance between explaining the AI predictions and the end-user details can help brands keep it simple and provide context and transparency. The article suggests brands should make their AI-based results more relatable to their users by providing useful insights on its outcomes.

Allowing users to provide feedback on AI predictions can further help brands enhance the accuracy of their AI models and build trust. The author recommends implementing data, change, and trust can help brands achieve success with AI.

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