Analysing internet social subcultures can help brands effectively deal with online “factions”

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March 13, 2020, 1:07 PM UTC

Factions are small groups of hyper-active users who form subcultures organise around shared interests on major social media platforms.

This article states communication professionals should analyse social subcultures of the internet and how they influence their brand. Analysing the authenticity and scale of online conversations can help brands cater to their real audiences with meaningful conversations instead of internet trolls.

Monitoring online conversations around the brand through engagement metrics like mentions, trending hashtags, and sentiment analysis can reduce the risk from faction behaviour. While factions can create positive brand sentiments, they can also cause reputational damage if the story is negative.

Typically, faction’s employee tactics like bots and automation to increase visibility, boycotts and disproval petitions to give the appearance of widespread support. Identifying predictable systems on social platforms can help marketers reinforce their brand integrity and values.

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