Drip campaigns combined with welcome emails can enhance open rates and drive revenue

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March 12, 2020, 1:00 PM UTC

Sending out a succession of emails allows marketers to keep consumers engaged and build trust.

Following up welcome emails with drip campaigns allows marketers to enhance email-open rates, and segment consumers into a more sales-focused list. This article states while welcome emails begin the process of brand engagement, drip campaigns automate the process keeping the engagement alive.

Brands can leverage welcome emails to set expectations for and provide value to consumers with links to content like FAQs. To create compelling welcome emails, brands should ensure the subject line of the email is appealing and specific.

The author suggests brands can start on their drip email campaigns once they have sent out welcome emails to consumers. Drip campaigns can be leveraged by marketers to nurture potential leads, educate consumers about new products, recapture abandoned carts, among others.

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