Instagram’s branded content ads deliver improved results

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March 11, 2020, 7:04 AM UTC

High-performing piece of influencer-generated content can tell a brand resonates best in the Branded Content phase.

This article shares some tips on how brands can utilise Instagram’s branded content ads to increase their influencer marketing results.  Instagram's Branded Content Ads enables the brand to drive the influencer campaigns more efficiently, and reach their target audience, as opposed to relying on their own, established following.

Branded content allows brands to endorse influencer-created posts under the influencer's profile, instead of re-sharing from a brand profile. Brands must brief influencers that they intend to leverage paid partnerships and branded content formats at the very beginning of their partnership to ensure the campaign runs smoothly.

When setting brand objectives for the campaign business metrics must be used over vanity metrics such as likes and engagement, to measure campaign impact and ROAS effectively. Brands could also use the influencer’s organic post performance to know which pieces of content are best performing and worth boosting.  

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