50% of advertisers have no plans of using artificial intelligence in their marketing strategies

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March 09, 2020, 5:26 PM UTC

An Advertiser Perceptions survey suggests AI may be more hype than reality for numerous marketers.

This piece states half of advertisers surveyed have no plans to use AI in their marketing strategies. Marketers are moving slowly to embrace this technology because there is no central authority in AI within organisations to oversee the tech.

Only 27% of people were found to be in charge of AI for marketing in companies. Among those managing AI, 58% were involved in media buying and selection. 7% of companies have CTOs to manage AI, while CIOs, directors or IT departments manage AI in 6% of the firms.

Another cited report found 56% of marketers thinking AI could negatively impact their brand. The article states that marketers expect media selection and buying to be their top use of AI by 2022.

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