Subscription model in an app can help generate recurring revenue

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March 06, 2020, 2:44 AM UTC

Its most effective when the app is content-driven.

This article recommends app monetisation strategies that brands could adopt. Companies can use in-app advertising when ads are highly targeted to user interests, as revenue is based on impressions or click-through rates. However, consumers may not use the app if the ads are very persuasive.

Gaming and retails brands can allow for in-app purchases to deliver value and engage users repeatedly. This method gives users the ability to buy items or “currency” within an app. The freemium strategy offers enough value to users to make them want to pay to access an enhanced experience.

Subscriptions let users access limited content through a free trial before being prompted to make a purchase. This strategy provides recurring revenue. Additionally, it offers users free access to the app’s features, with an upcharge to access content.

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