Creating segments based on first-party data can help advertisers target relevant ads

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March 06, 2020, 1:34 PM UTC

All publishers should set pre-defined first-party data segments to scale segmented users.

Advertisers are finding a way around with universal IDs and phone numbers to identify users across sites without third-party cookies. This piece argues publishers can leverage data they possess in DMPs about their users and create user segments for enhanced ad targeting.

Advertisers can define their user segments by categorising them based on the links they visit. People who visit a website about the NFL, for example, can be classified as “football fans”, while people visiting multiple pages, can be segmented as “sports enthusiast”.

This article states defining a set of possible first-party data segments can help publishers effectively scale their ad targeting with accuracy. Third-party validators can also classify content and users into segments based on first-party data to increase scale for advertisers.

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