Creating content-based on geographical location can help optimise global marketing efforts

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March 06, 2020, 12:13 PM UTC

Marketing teams across locations can effectively convey the brand message with localised content.

This piece recommends brands should craft localised content to effectively connect and target consumers who speak different languages and follow different cultures. Localising website content such as text, images, multimedia and PDF files in native languages can help marketers ensure their content is understood by people in the targeted market.

Brands can effectively reach out to consumers in multilingual markets with localised website content. Once the target audience is familiar with the product information, it would be easier for the sales team to make their sales pitch.

Localising website’s meta keywords and tags can further help marketers enhance their user experience and improve SEO. Brands can collaborate with companies that specialise in language localisation to deliver accurate content to their audiences based on their languages and cultures.

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