Writing less can help brands add more value to their messages and improve internal communications

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March 05, 2020, 11:55 AM UTC

Brands communications should revolve around the employees, rather than the company.

This article states that placing a higher emphasis on listening rather than talking can help companies create more valuable messages and directly address employee feedback. The piece advises marketers to keep their causal conversations away from professional channels to be effective.

When dealing with internal communications, companies should keep their messages short, highlighting the need for urgency and more questions. Writing emails with action words in the subject line like, “PLEASE COMMENT: Agenda for Tuesday” further reinforces the urgency of the messages.

The author contends marketers should lead their messages by asking questions to maintain the ownership of the situation with their co-workers. Making the messages sound less selfish with words like “we” can further help brands increase the quality of their responses.

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