Marketers should make their website content user-friendly to comply with Google BERT updates

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March 05, 2020, 2:49 PM UTC

One in ten of all search queries has been impacted by Google’s last major update, BERT.

This piece recommends marketers should understand the search intent of a query before crafting content that aims to satisfy the customer intent to rank on Google. Businesses should continuously analyse their rankings to identify if Google BERT has impacted their website.

The article offers six SEO recommendations to help marketers enhance rankings in 2020. It states the content-length would not help if the article doesn’t satisfy user-intent. Instead, longer content can reduce the quality and relevancy of the article.

The author suggests brands should take advantage of SERP features like knowledge graph and featured snippets among others. Marketers should also optimise their websites using SERP features to capture more customer clicks.

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