Influencers are using TV-like ad breaks between their posts in a bid at transparency

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March 05, 2020, 2:10 PM UTC

But advertisers think excessive labelling can hamper the reach and engagement of marketing posts. 

This piece says that influencers are now creating TV-style ad breaks in their videos. The traditional style ad-breaks are being used by influencers to clarify partnerships between an influencer and the brand.

Influencers like Medina Grillo place an ad break before the video starts to be more transparent with followers. Others like Tar Mar uses a straightforward black screen with the word “ad” on it before running her sponsored stories. The article states that the trend could help dull criticism about influencers not clearly labelling marketing posts.

The author contends influencers are taking more steps to be transparent and comply with advertising policies. But, traditional advertisers currently believe that over-signposting sponsored posts could affect engagement metrics.

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