Having an authentic social purpose at the centre of corporate strategy strengthens brand reputation

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March 05, 2020, 4:22 PM UTC

Leveraging academic and technical experts, along with scientists, can help brands influence societies while promoting products and services.

The combination of social purpose, expert-evidence, and engaging storylines can help brands attract the attention of media and the public. While crafting their social purpose companies should emphasise authenticity, as misplaced purposes can lead to reputational damage.

Commercial health brands, in particular, can grow their business by creating campaigns around social purposes and connect to consumers on a deeper level. Health brands should utilise their knowledge and resources to demonstrate their expertise and influence to create a healthier society.

Combining ethical purposes with expertise allows brands to create work towards true social purpose beyond individual activities. The author contends with more people looking to align themselves with causes and ethical brands; marketers should create authentic campaigns that contribute socially.

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