Brands should keep customer convenience in mind while dealing with coronavirus

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March 05, 2020, 2:14 PM UTC

The virus (COVID – 19) can result in loses worth billions of dollars for the hospitality sector.

This piece recommends brands, especially in the travel and hospitality sector, should proactively communicate with their consumers about coronavirus efforts. Though companies cannot market coronavirus concerns away, they can still demonstrate they are taking meaningful action to protect their consumers.

Organisations should consider allowing people to cancel bookings and receive full refunds in reasonable cases, even if the reservations had initially been non-refundable. Businesses should also suspend flight routes, services and other travel activities that may expose customers to increased health risk.

The author suggests brands should publish a set of policies regarding COVID-19 and respond to consumer queries effectively. Along with allowing customers to cancel or postpone travel dates, brands can also reassure customers who are risking to travel despite coronavirus.

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