B2B brands should integrate sales and marketing efforts for higher conversions

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March 05, 2020, 11:55 AM UTC

Creating shared goals, metrics and compensation plans can help create a common language among sales and marketing.

This article states B2B brands should combine their sales and marketing efforts rather than trying to align the two. Integrating sales and marketing efforts can help increase revenue while educating, inspiring and building relationships between sales and marketing divisions.

Brands can empower sales and marketing teams by designing their efforts, roles, processes and tech around the customer journey. B2B Brands should understand how both the internal and external dynamics, like the buyer and seller complex, affect sales and marketing teams.

Integrated systems, dashboards and metrics further allows sales and marketing teams to work with the same data and present a unique view of the analytics. While acknowledging their differences can reduce complexities, sales and marketing teams should focus on their core roles.

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