Taking an emphatic approach can help marketers glean insights into consumer behaviour

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March 04, 2020, 2:18 PM UTC

Studies reveal that two individuals of the same age, grown in the same small town with the same educational attainment and income would have different hidden filters that shape their worldviews.

This piece states marketers should take an empathetic approach to marketing research to resonate with consumers and enhance the effectiveness of their communications. Brands should highlight the cognitive biases of decision making to understand how different factors influence consumers’ decision making.

To predict individual consumer behaviour, brands can integrate separate behavioural science aspects such as personality trait science and cultural science among others. The analysis found that different personality aspects of individuals are often interlinked.

The author contends marketers should reframe their storyline to better resonate with consumers’ individual views. Brands can further craft content and interventions to connect with the “hidden who” of individuals to enhance the effectiveness of their communication.

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