Providing information as an industry expert helps build domain authority

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March 04, 2020, 6:48 AM UTC

Brands must avoid jargon and use casual terms while interacting.

This piece shares how brands can grow their domain authority fast. They must work on their off-page SEO. One tactic is influencer outreach in which brands could reach out to established entities and request them to share their content.

Joining relevant discussion forums and replying to questions as an industry expert can effectively grow site traffic. To improve on-page SEO, businesses must optimise activities that are carried out on webpages. Ensuring that a site’s URL structure is arranged such that it displays the category hierarchy of a site is recommended.

Improving technical SEO can enhance engine crawling, indexing and general visibility and ultimately bump up search ranking. The author also recommends optimising the 404 page to help with technical SEO.

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