Non-intrusive pop-ups can be used to build email lists and generate leads

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March 04, 2020, 4:41 PM UTC

A study found that some pop-ups can convert up to 40% of website visitors into subscribers and leads.

This piece recommends brands can utilise pop-ups to gain the number of subscribers and generate leads positively. But, businesses should use them sparingly as pop-ups can be annoying and intrusive, and can potentially also create friction while diminishing the user experience.

Marketers should ensure the pop-ups are designed in a non-intrusive manner and help optimise the digital shopping experience. Brands can also add an “Optin” option in the checkout page to encourage interested users to subscribe to their email list.

The author suggests marketers should ensure that the optin option is GDPR compliant and allow users to checkout even without subscribing to brand emails. Businesses can also offer significant perks and incentives to motivate consumers to sign up for email from brands.

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