Marketers must be transparent with consumers about using AI or automation

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March 03, 2020, 2:22 AM UTC

For consumers’ aid, both chatbot and live chat can be used.

This piece shares some important “human-to-human” marketing tips for businesses in 2020. Consumers wish to be recognised as individuals with particular preferences but they don’t want to give up the convenience automation brings. For such consumers, the author recommends blending personalisation and automation.

For example, have both a chatbot and live chat on a site to aid consumers. Marketers must be transparent about using automation and AI. They must not try to make consumers believe that they are talking to a live person, when it’s a bot.

When sending out automated messages to prospects, businesses must add a personal touch. And when engaging with followers on social media, answer their questions and comments. Posting light-hearted content from time to time can be an effective form of interaction.

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