Leveraging best answers to user search queries can help create good content

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March 03, 2020, 2:25 PM UTC

Word count of each content doesn’t factor in search rankings, but building an authoritative and trustworthy site can help optimise SEO.

This piece recommends marketers should focus on creating content that satisfies user search queries to rank higher on Google. Brands should ensure their content is authoritative, credible and offers a high level of expertise. They can use references from trusted websites and link back to them.

Marketers should ensure their content is well researched and offer value to the readers. The author suggests businesses should check Google Analytics traffic reports to identify traffic drops, Google’s algorithmic changes, or if the search engine giant has penalised their website.

Brands can also find potential problems with their sites via Google Search Console. Marketers should ensure their most important pages are indexed on Google while removing low-value and irrelevant pages.

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